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Brearley Benefit 2004

Welcome to the Brearley Benefit 2004 Web Site!

“A Brearley Comedy of Eras” welcomes the Brearley community to a night of fun, food and laughter at St. John the Divine. The Benefit features an original Brearley-inspired commedia dell’arte by world-renowned Early Music New York. A reception follows with mask-making, desserts, delicacies, wine, and soft drinks. Private return bus service is available (details at Transportation).

Use this site to learn more about commedia’s history, masks and characters. You can take a virtual tour of the Cathedral, meet the artists and listen to Early Music New York. On a practical note, you’ll find ticket and transportation details, neighborhood maps and restaurant listings for a quick bite ahead of time.

For your convenience, we recommend you book-mark this site as one of your “favorites.” Visit again soon!

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